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Who Has Enough Time to Choose a Toastmasters Theme?

The answer is YOU!

For example, make your favorite book the theme.

By choosing your favorite book as the Friday theme, you can discuss the plot, a lesson, or a tip from the book.


There is a website focused on sharing the bizarre holidays through out the year. Pull a Barney and discuss the holiday of the day.


Challenge and engross the audience of that Friday's meeting by using one of these themes:

• The Twist - how life throws curveballs, how everyone interprets the world differently, or a twist of lime

• Single Word - how one word can have a big influence

• For and Against - the opposing sides to every issue

• Three - 3 Main Points to justify or reinforce every opinion

• Six Honest Serving Woman - What, Why, When, How, Where and Who


A final tip is to predict the Topicsmaster's questions. What theme would create unique, interesting, and engaging questions?

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