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How Toastmasters Changed Me by Darlene Johnson

Toastmasters has changed my life - bringing confidence, greater speaking and leadership skills and above all a greater worth and purpose.

When I moved from north Georgia to Oklahoma, I thought my world ended. I left the home of my dreams and a happy familiar world.

Then I discovered Toastmasters. I joined purely for social reasons. I needed people. Soon I began to dig my heels into the program. I listened and learned. I presented many speeches. I challenged myself. I stepped into club officer roles and had no idea what was ahead.

Continuing to connect with members, I stepped out of my comfort box to serve as an Area Governor, then Division Director and into the District TRIO. Today as your District Director, it is an honor to call Leadership Masters my home club.

As you start your Toastmaster Journey, keep an open mind and heart. Be teachable and eager to learn. You will find yourself going places and achieving more than you thought possible. Buckle up and prepare for the ride of your life.

Welcome to Leadership Masters!

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